SOB Version Comparison  

The LITE version (FREE) is ideal for "getting your feet wet" with computer navigation, or for occasional boat users (or desktop sailors) who don't require much more than plotting the boat's position on a chart. Or those who know their local cruising grounds so well that a chart is superfluous, but will be thankful for the powerful navigation tools in SOB (such as Wpts, chart notes, TTG and distance calculations etc).

A Trial/Registered user can evaluate all SOB features for a full month. Allowing sufficient time to address the various issues involved with computerised navigation along the way - choosing a laptop/desktop and mounting it onboard; connecting your NMEA enabled instruments to the PC; and sorting out your power-supply issues, etc.

A SOB User License is required to continue to use SOB beyond the trial period if you need the licensed features enabled (as listed below).

A Standard License is ideal for the typical weekend-sailor or cruiser with minimum instruments and electronics onboard and mostly inland waterway cruising or short coastal legs in familiar waters, and for use in areas with minimal commercial traffic or without AIS receiver capabilities.

The Pro License is recommended for off-shore and cruising boating or racing/professional sailors. This version allows connection of all known NMEA 0183 instruments and devices, and all essential NMEA 2000 navigation data; includes full AIS and DSC display and tracking; and compatibility with the leading 3rd party Man-Over-Board (PLB) devices. Advanced navigation tools such as Race Start and Talking Pilot features and all others as listed below.

The Pro License includes all networking features which are ideal for Power Users of both SOB and computers; VTS Base Stations; remote ship monitoring and any and all networked configurations and uses.
It supports full Client and Server connections to other SOB Pro installations; remote NMEA data sources; and our Android companion App SOB Remote.


Feature Comparison Table



Note: The following Table applies to SOBv11 and newer. Earlier SOB version features may differ from those listed below.

Feature "LITE" Version "Trial" Version Standard License Pro Version
Access Level 0 0 or 1 2 4
Trial/License period unlimited 30 days
extend to 90 days with Registration
use on 3 computers. Free Upgrades for 12 months.
use on 3 computers. Free Upgrades for 12 months.

USD $59

USD $129

C-MAP Charts
Cartridge Charts YES YES YES YES
C-MAP UserCard support no YES no YES
Instrument Interfacing
GPS Connection and tracking on chart. Course, Speed, Depth display. YES YES YES YES
NMEA 2000 & Actisense NGT-1 support YES YES YES YES
Data Dampening & Calibrating no YES no YES
AutoPilot control no YES no YES
Interface with AIS Receiver/Transponder YES YES YES YES
Target Limit (AIS,ARPA,DSC,WAN,MAN) no 50 50 unlimited***
Manual Target Enter no YES no YES
I/F with Depth device no YES YES YES
I/F with LOG, Fluxgate devices no YES YES YES
I/F with Wind Instruments no YES YES YES
I/F with DSC & ARPA no YES no YES
Multiplexed Output (Serial) no YES



PastTrack re-loading NO YES YES YES
PastTrack Logging YES YES YES YES
PastTrack Export YES YES YES YES
Waypoint limit


unlimited** 20 unlimited**
Waypoint List Export (CSV,XML) no no YES YES
Waypoint List Import (CSV,XML) no no YES YES
Transfer to/from (compatible) GPS no no YES YES
Transfer to/from (compatible) GPS no no YES YES
Exporting (TXT, XML) no YES YES YES
AutoRoute creation no YES


Advanced Tools
Race Start Feature no YES no YES
Wind tools and Polars no YES no YES
Talking Pilot   YES YES YES YES
Alarm Module no YES


Fuel "Range" feature no YES  no YES
WEB Tracker and Email Alerts no YES  YES YES
Multiplexed Output (TCP/IP) no YES no YES
WAN/LAN Connection no YES no YES

Client/Server Networking Connections

no no no YES

Android SOB Remote compatibility

no no no YES
All other features YES YES YES YES



Restrictions apply

PastTracks are logged, but not re-displayed. A higher AccessLevel will re-display the tracks.
Speaks "Time" only
* A Commercial Operator's License is available.
  Enquire about our Resellers program.
  Bulk License discounts (100 & 1,000) are available for Imbedded Use.
  Contact for details.
** Limited by available computer power (memory, disk space etc)
*** Actually SOB's limit is set at 2,000 simultaneous targets as this is the maximum that is accounted for in the official specifications (ITU-1371) for UAIS







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